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Holly Sellors

Melanie Hodge

Michael Duck

Susan Driver

I specialise in animal illustration and I have been exhibiting my work now for three years. I belong to two art clubs, The Weald of Sussex Art Club and The Adventurers. Being a member has opened up a lot of opportunities for me and I learn so much from the demonstrators.

I like to teach art in the community and I have started demonstrating to art clubs and primary schools. Simplicity and colour is important to my style. I mainly work in watercolour and ink for my smaller pieces and acrylics for my larger pieces.

Originally from California, I now live and work in Burgess Hill. I paint on glass in the reverse oil technique which means I start each work by signing it backwards, then add in layer upon layer of fine detail before I finally finish with the background. My paintings are easily recognisable for their vibrant colours, intricate details and dream-like compositions. To paraphrase Picasso, "I paint the world as I think it, not as I see it."

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As long as I can remember I have had a great interest in art and architecture and I enjoyed studying both while at school.

My paintings are inspired by the keen interest I have in the rural landscape, cities, industrial scenes, townscapes, marine and seaside subjects. I work mainly in acrylics, watercolour and gouache often combining all three.

I am a member of the Adventurers Art Club and have exhibited with them in Cuckfield and Lindfield, I’ve also shown at Marle Place and at the Shipley Festival. My paintings are now in private collections in the U.K. and Europe.

In 2012 and 2013 I enjoyed taking part in the Burgess Hill Open Studios sharing with fellow Adventurers member Janet Wallis at her home Rose Cottage in World’s End.


Billy Bond

I am an artist that lives in Burgess Hill.  I studied at Chelsea College of Art&Design in Public Art and then gained a B.A Honours Degree. I also have a Diploma from Croydon Foundation Course.


I love to work in mixed media, always trying something different. I was brought up in a textile background .This as inspired me to go into design.


I support Survival International an organisation for Tribal people and their lands. I love tribal Art and want my work to represent the place and people I design for.

I've been painting for the sheer pleasure for about 30 years, starting with acrylic, then fell in love with watercolour - the way colours blend (without my help or hindrance). Lately I have been using water-soluble  oils. There is still a great deal to learn, but enjoying the process. I like to 'have-a-go' at most subjects and ideas. For a few years I've been leading a talented group at Cherry Tree. Our Friday mornings are one of the high-lights of my week.

Norma Phelan

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Sean Kelly

Emily Hutchings

I have been painting all my life, I just love to produce images, it gives me such a boost! I have always gone to a class as I learn so much from tutors and fellow students. I mainly use photos and watercolour is my favourite medium. I love the immediacy and the excitement when something works.


I belong to a couple of Art clubs, and have lots of friends who paint, draw or produce ceramics or fabric.

Jim Batt

As a hobby painter I enjoy most subjects, however I prefer seascapes and portraits normally. I paint in oils as my number one medium, but

also use water-colours (very rarely) depending on the subject.


I have been painting and drawing since I was a child, trees in pencil was my favourite back then, now oil has taken over. I attended for

only a short time, art classes when I was 14, with a restorer of old masters, this seems to have led me down my current route.

Feather in cap furs

Lee Rousell

Jim 1

It was my Fine Art degree that introduced me to the provocative, physical and textural qualities of paint that provide me with a visual language that can be literal or metaphoric.  The writing of Virginia Woolf showed me how such language can help to communicate and externalise the internal. Further artistic inspiration comes from my cathartic relationship with the ever changing, moody and sometimes secretive landscape.

All images are owned by the artist and must not be used without their permission.