Anju Mathew

Anju Mathew, hails from Kerala, a place known as ‘God's own country'. She was born and brought up in a large family, surrounded by people who supported and encouraged her to follow her passion. She is now based in Burgess Hill and is a busy mum of 3 adorable boys.

She loves to paint and create in Mixed Media. She feels strongly about Zentangle, Mandala, Abstract pop art, also exploring by merging different forms together to make the work unique. She can’t resist creating ideas from the beauty of leaves, clustering clouds and rainbows!

She has spent the last few years focusing on creating customisable art works eg creative cards, gifts, clay moulding and jewellery. Anju runs a small online business called Raindrops through social media.

She wishes to pursue and share this beautiful and valuable gift from above with the rest of the world.

For more details you can find Anju Mathew in Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and Raindrops4sa as business pages.


Instagram:  Raindrops4sa